Monday, November 9, 2009

Sugar and Spice

Here are some fun girly creations of mine. First the sugar:

Cupcake Bottle cap pincushion - made for a swap for someone who liked pink, girly, and sparkley stuff. You use a bottle cap (I used a spice jar lid) to create the base, and then sew felt around it. I really loved the little bead "sprinkles" on it.
The baby name blocks I made for my sister Kerrys baby Abigail. I loved these so much!

Then the spice:

My brother Mike was selling his house, and he had some old windows I'd been coveting, so before he had new siding put on, we took out the old windows and he gave me one to play with. I took out the glass panes, sanded for 40 days and nights (though somehow it was still not enough) spray painted the whole thing bright red, and put 12 little mirrors in the back. It is on my wall at the top of my stairs and I loooove it!

I also mod podged some paper on to the top of a little side table, but the results were less than blog worthy. Let's just say, if you buy one of those permanent ink pads, and then use it to ink the edges of something, and then drop it ink side down in the middle of said project, the results are not great. ; )


Darci said...

I love all your crafty's. I especially love the mirror. Where did you get the mirror pieces?? I have a mirror that I got at goodwill and the glass is nasty and I need to replace it but have no idea where to get a piece of glass. What are you doing on the 18th of December??

Schmath said...

Check out these little owlets:

Jennie Moore said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the window-mirror! LOVE IT!!!