Friday, October 30, 2009

Just in time

I just finished our Halloween costumes tonight.
Cody's skeleton hoodie:
Hoodie for Cody
My mask on a stick:
Mask for Jen
If you come trick-or-treating at my house you'll get tiny little bags of sour patch kids or swedish fish. Cody picked them out and I hope the kids will like. I don't want to be the house with the lame treats. I can't compete with our neighbors across the street who for the last 2 years have given out full size candy bars though. Oh well.


Just Jonesn' said...

love them both! court should be bringing druw to stop by! i just started blogging, so maybe you can give me helpful tips on how to do it, like make cute backgrounds and get pictures on here, if you ever have the time and feel like sharing!

Shellie said...

We love your mask & Cody's hoodie. Trent asked if you did pants too, with a rod in the leg, just to be authentic! Hope you had a great Halloween, we did! BTW, Trent would have driven up to Hyrum just for the baggie of Swedish Fish, they're his favorite!