Friday, September 11, 2009

Arizona Road Trip

Cody and I love road trips! Love love love them. We got to go to Flagstaff Arizona, to visit my sister Kerry and be there for the blessing of her 9th baby Abigail. And also, GRAND CANYON BABY! (I said that about a million times on the trip. Remember the episode of friends, where they are going to London for Ross's wedding, and Joey says "London Baby!" a million times? Hahaha!)
The drive was beautiful. We got to see some fun places we'd never been before!
Big Rock Candy Mountain:

Lake Powell Overlook:

Glen Canyon Bridge/Dam:

On Friday, we took off on a little drive by ourselves to explore Flagstaff. We drove up to the parking lot of the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort:


Found a random dirt road in the trees to explore: (so very Cody)

And stopped to admire trains (which run EVERYWHERE in Flagstaff)

My sister Tammy and baby Abigail:

Niece Brytne, Sister Kerry, and Me:

My neices Brytne & Haylee, and nephew Nick putting up with Cody & I driving them all around the hills of Flagstaff:

Cody at the ski resort parking lot:

A spider the size of a tennis ball outside Kerrys house:

Nick showing off his drum skills (which are amazing):

The post-blessing feast:

The Navajo Bridge:

The North Rim Lodge:

Us at the Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon Baby!


Headed home near Bryce:

We had a fabulous time. We brought home a few t-shirts, a few stickers, a few postcards, 4 smashed pennies for my collection, and 400+ pictures. We didn't get to spend any time in Bryce national park like we'd wanted to, but we are determined to go back and see that area. It looked beautiful. Thanks so all (Mom, Kerry, Tammy, Mike) who helped us have such a great time!


Darci said...

It looks like you had a good trip. You should plan your next road trip to St. Louis!! Hope to see you in a few weeks : )

schmath said...

Ryan and I recently made that drive to Lake Powell. It was soooo pretty! We want to have a summer home in every town we passed. And we want to go on vacation to that Big Rock Candy Mountain place. Did you stay there?

Jennie Moore said...

I love road trips too. And I love Arizona.