Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lazy Bloggers Post

I am working on a few projects right now, and want to blog about them, I'm not done with any of them yet. So instead of posting the in progress pictures, I though this was hilarious (and has many options for you super busy on the go mom types). The following blog post is not technically written by me, but is all thanks to the Lazy Bloggers Post Generator. Enjoy.

Oh for crying out loud! I just noticed I have not updated this since last month... You would not believe how hard it is being waited on hand and foot and generally lounging around. I hope you still love me!

I am absolutely consumed with curling my hair, being distracted by the shiny, just generally being a hindrance to anyone unfortunate to cross my path, my day often feels wasted from midday to well after sun-down. I am looking at rectifying this. But who cares.

I make a solemn vow I will make more of an effort to blog more often until the nice men in the white coats come back. No, really! Don't hold your breath though, you're likely to turn blue.

(p.s. it almost pains me to have this on here with such terrible grammar/punctuation!)


Mandy said...

LOve it! I also LOVE the cute soap and lip balm set you sent me! It made me so happy to see a package in the mail! You guys are the best! Thanks!

Jennie Moore said...

So very funny!