Sunday, July 5, 2009

whimsical woodland matchbox

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July! Wheee! Now on to the random pictures of junk I've made. ;)

This was my first 250 count matchbox I've done for swap-bot. They are HUGE! I've done the little 32 count ones a bunch of times, but this one was kind of a challenge to do. The theme was "whimsical woodland" so I had to do it of course. My sister in law Natalie was also in this swap, so we made our matchboxes together, which was super fun to be able to chat and talk and share ideas. Usually I end up asking Cody for advice, who tries hard, but really, how is he supposed to care what ribbon I use on what paper? Anyway, I used a bit of my very precious farbenmix ribbon for the outside, and even made a little squirrel out of felt. I made a set of cupcake picks, and some little clips, and gave her my shrinky dink hedgehog charm! Too cute!


Natalie said...

everything looks awesome! I just checked swap-bot today and my partner sent her matchbox today!!! YIPPY! I am so excited! I was getting worried.

Megan said...

So dang cute! I still can't believe all of that stuff fits in that little tiny matchbox. Nice work.

Shanda said...

I still can't believe how cute this is!