Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jen Sews! - Café Curtains

Sometimes I sew. Today I did some sewing. I had decided I wanted café curtains in my kitchen instead of just a top valance, so that neighbors couldn't see in my kitchen window if I decided to wander in there in my pj's or whatever. Which I do just about every day.
I decided I wanted to get curtain clips, and find some cute dishcloths and hang them right up. Well I found what I wanted, (hooray!) but they were at anthropologie (boo!) making them both annoyingly faux vintage, and super annoyingly expensive! By the time I got 2 dishtowels shipped to me, it would have been over 40$! Yikes! So, I set about finding something cheaper.
stupid cute anthropologie dish towel!
Once I bought the curtain rod of my dreams, (thank you ikea!) I was inspired to go find some plain and cheap dish towels and cute them up myself. I found some Heidi Grace fabric at Joann with trees, ladybugs, mushrooms and birds on it, bought some white and red rickrack, got out my trusty Hello Kitty sewing machine, and set about making some café cuteness. (I really like that I figured out how to do the é thing, so I am using it all over the place!) I had bought a set of white flour sack dish towels from walmart for like $1 each, and only needed to hem them a little to make them fit. One of them was totally not square though, and I could not cut it straight for the life of me. Oh well. The other one went quite smoothly, and now I have the cutest curtains in the land. I love how they let the light in, but keep the peepers out.
see for yourself!
Now is the time in my blog, where I post the random photo of Cody and I taken by ourselves. We went for a little walk in the greenery with some friends. I need to hike with 3-year olds more often, their little legs get worn out before I do, and I don't get so tired! ; )


Anonymous said...

Jen, I am SOOOO jealous of your crafty-ness! The curtains look so cute! (from Shellie)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can post things now!!! (also from Shellie)

jen morgan said...

yay! I'm glad whatever was keeping people from being able to post is fixed! (I hope anyway)

Mandy said...

you crafty girl you! nice job!