Friday, May 8, 2009

wherein I muse boobs.

Just a little warning, if you go out to dinner with some really cute (and hopefully not easily offended!) 20something-30something girls who happen to be in the following states of their lives...
a) pregnant
b) breastfeeding current babies
c) not breastfeeding but have had babies previously

the talk will ultimately revolve around the following subjects:
1. boobs
2. breastfeeding
3. the pain of breastfeeding, aka boob pain
4. poop - mostly baby poop
5. reality TV

**** disclaimer: I love babies, applaud breastfeeding and tolerate poop. I am not evil nor do I hate those who are happily having babies. I might try it one day, but don't hold your breath. Hooray for babies! ****

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