Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Posting more pictures of things I've made...

So I think I've written on here about ATC's (artist trading cards) before. I can't remember and can't be bothered to go back and read my own bloggings. Anyway, here are some of the little works of art (hah!) that I have been sending out in my swaps. They are pretty fun to make, since the only real rule is the size (2.5 x 3.5), and I like that I don't need to go buy stuff to make them, and they only take an envelope and a stamp or 2 to send out.

1- Little Miss Sunshine - I picked the brother Dwayne from the movie. I love him. I forgot to take a photo before I got it all wrapped up to send.
2- Vintage - Adding crowns and wings to old pictures is fun, if not exactly my style
3- The 4 Seasons - I loved this one! These are my favorites ever.
4- St. Patty's - Green, rainbows & gold glitter of course

1& 4- Heroes - My favorite character is Hiro, I made one card for 2 partners.
2&3- Cat - I made one of my cat Molly, and the other was a painting I found that inspired me. They both went to the same partner.

So that is how I've been letting my creative spurts run wild lately. I did get my sister in law to join swap-bot, and she's already making cute stuff. Right now I am working on a captured fairy jar, a cupcake matchbox, and a captured fairy jar ATC - which is kind of funny. I also picked the theme for an I <3 the 80's ATC swap between me and a flickr friend, and now I am having the HARDEST time coming up with something for it. I think because I love too many things from the 80's, and I can't pick. What is your favorite 80's theme??

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Shanda said...

I am having that problem too! Maybe we should narrow it down a little. Like favorite 80's movie or band? Flickrmail me!
(A little FYI...it could totally be me and my computer settings but I wanted to tell you that your blog doesn't allow me to log into my google/blogger account to post comments. I have to go to someone else's blog, log in, then come here and it stays logged it. Weird.)