Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy little guy!

So, when we got our new iMac, Cody also bought us the Adobe Suite, since it was a deal while he's still a student. I know my way around Photoshop, but I have always wanted to learn to do vector drawings in Illustrator! Well, I found a tutorial the other night and I made this adorable Octopus. He's such a happy little guy!
Now I can hardly take credit for him, since it was a step by step thing where I just followed along and only had to figure out how to make it work when the instructions assumed I knew things. The legs (tentacles?) took me forEVER though.

So to see if I retained any knowledge, I made myself this little strawberry guy from scratch using the techniques I learned making the octo-guy!
Not too bad eh? If I ever end up opening an etsy shop, he'll be my avatar. I like the funny faces. So now I am excited and want to learn more! If anyone uses Illustrator and has any good tips for me, or places with good tutorials, let me know!
p.s. I just added this little strawberry to my icon at the top of the blog address bar. So cute!

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Darci said...

No help here. I can't even figure out photoshop! Verry cute berries. They scream Jen B : )