Friday, April 3, 2009

Moving on from March

I just realized all of my calendars are still on March. Time to move on I guess. I need to get out my Easter decorations, or it will come and go before I know it. I think with the snow snow snow every day and the cold, it doesn't feel like April yet, even though it's officially been spring for a while. Speaking of decorating, here is how my new wall art turned out!

Here is the before:
the picture is kind of bad, but you get the gist, random fruit/veggie pictures, with ugly mats and cheap frames. The candle holders were green patina and the candles off white. Blah.

Here is the same wall after:
I painted the wall sconces white, and covered the candles with cute paper, and wrapped them with ribbon. Then I edged the canvases with the same ribbon.
If you click on them, the pictures look better larger.
The pictures didn't really turn out great, I can never get my green wall paint to look right in photographs, but I like how they turned out, bright & modern looking. The fork, knife & spoons are decals I ordered from a girl here in UT that sells on etsy and here at her store. I watch her blog for sales and free shipping. Anyway, I am glad I bought the vinyl and didn't try to create my own, it was much easier this way.


Mandy said...

looks good!

Megan said...

How fun. I want to see it in person. you are so crafty-licious.