Monday, April 20, 2009

forest cuteness

Sometimes the little things in life are the most fun. I am in love love love with this ribbon I got. I found it on etsy, but it's imported from Germany. I think that somehow makes it even cuter. Now for the hard part: what do I make with it? I want to do something real with it that I can keep forever, see all the time, or possibly wear. What do you think? Sew an apron? Edge a cute bag or wallet? Cafe curtains for my kitchen window? Hair clippy? Picture frame? Comment & give me your ideas please!!
Farbenmix Forest Ribbon


Mandy said...

apron has my vote! :)

Darci said...

It would be so cute on a scrapbook page!! Hope you are feeling better. Sorry I missed you while I was in Utah. I sent you an e-mail but never heard from you. I got a new cell and didn't have your number. I guess I could have looked it up, you can still do that right??

Love ya,

Dawn said...

How do you attach your ribbon to things? You use tons of ribbon. I have ribbon but I hardly use it because I can never decide how to attach it. I think super cute ribbon like that should go on some kind of cute purse accessory. Something you get out and use a lot.