Thursday, April 16, 2009

bad mood zone

this is sooooo me this week. you've been warned.


i'm on my 3rd straight day of pajamas and hoodies. i have given up all food groups without the word "junk" or "carbs" in them. my hair is unwashed and shiny with unwashedness, and there are 3 days of dishes in and around my sink. my swearing has increased by at least 80%. the cat is hiding from me, and my husband is a little afraid to ask what's for dinner. i suspended my facebook account lest i have to look at one more adorable picture of kids at baby animal day. i've even given up on using caps for my words that usually require it. take that lower case i.
but i sincerely hope you have a nice day.


Megan said...

Hey, at least you had the energy to blog about it. And I still <3 you, bad mood zone and all. Because really, I wouldn't know what to think if you were happy and fluffy and cheery all the time. That's when I'd really start to worry.

Kathy Schroder's Sass said...

You deleted my comment?!? I guess I really am quite offensive

Mandy said...

i am glad that i am not the only who feels like this some days....i have a picture of cody and i at mayday in 1994 that might make you giggle and can thank your lucky stars that you weren't at baby animal days with all of those little kiddo' was nuts! love you girl. come hang out if ya want and i will cook. <3 M

jen morgan said...

Megan- I'm glad you still put up with me when I'm like this.

Kathy-Yup! I had to remove your swears! My Mom reads my blog. Haha!

Mandy- I MUST see this photo. I didn't know Cody in 94 and I have a feeling he's adorably geeky.

Thanks for the comments, I am happy to report I am feeling much better. Hooray for weekends!

fuzzystuffies said...

glad to see you are feeling better

ShandaPanda said...

Even when you are cranky you are funny. I love it.