Thursday, February 26, 2009

purposeless post

Some things that I am currently...

Snacking: on raw almonds and craisins. The perfect combination? I think so!

Crafting: ATC's. I don't consider myself an "artist", but I wanted to not spend any $ on swaps, but still have something fun to do, so I decided to join a couple of Artist Trading Card swaps. I joined a St. Patricks Day theme, and a Hello Kitty (of course) theme. I started playing around with a set of old school watercolors to make them, and I am loving it. Who knew? I will post photo's after they are sent & received.

Wishing: it could somehow both be wintery (I like winter, what can I say, I don't like it to be over before the end of March), and yet warm/dry enough for me to ride my bike. I miss it.

Reading: this book about the great depression. Topical? Yes. Uplifting? No. It's taking me forever and I think I just need a happy book to intersperse it with.

Listening: to Fleet Foxes. How amazing were they on SNL a few weeks ago?! I fell in love, and then found out I already had a song or two hiding in my itunes I'd downloaded before I knew who they were from a blog that I discover new music on. Funny.

Stalking/Coveting: This table & chairs on KSL's classifieds.
I remember when it was new at Pier 1, and I wanted it SO badly! The X-back chairs and green paint is SO me! UPDATE: I am bad at making decisions, and it's sold, but I knew that would happen if I didn't act quick. I really think I would have bought it if it had been close enough to take 2 vehicles to bring it home in. I just couldn't figure out how to get the whole set here without a hassle.

Loving: this adorable little retro-ey Strawberry Shortcake wastebasket I got for 50% off at Magical Moon toys. It will be so cute on my desk.
sorry for the ugly/weird angle picture, I didn't take one of my own and this was the only one I could find on the internet!

We went there to make some smashed pennies because it's the only place in town you can do that. A random 8-ish year old boy came up while we were making them and was all "Hey guys can I have one, what are you making? What are they for? Will you get me one? How many did you get? Can I turn the handle? How come you are doing that? Huh? Huh? Hey guys!?!" And it was dang funny. We were nice and let the kid crank the handle for the second penny, and then explained to him it wasn't a free treat machine, that you had to put 50-cents and a penny in to make one, and that no, he couldn't have mine, because I collect them and he'd have to save his pennies and come make his own. Hah.

So that is what is up with me. What are YOU up to??

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