Thursday, February 12, 2009

All you need is love.

Be Mine Banner
I just did a really fun swap with friends I met on flickr. I sent to Emma in Sweden, and received from Nicole in Germany. International mail is more fun. :) It put me in a Valentines mood.

I sent this assortment of goodies to Emma. Mostly crafty supplies, interspersed with some fun socks, tissues, a puzzle, cookie cutter, and candy.
Valentines Swap Sent to Emma

I got this via "luftpost" yesterday, and was so excited! She sewed that adorable little bag, and I got some fabulous treats. See for yourself.
Valentine Swap - Received!

I made the banner at the top & sent it to Emma, and liked it so much I made one that says "Love U" for my own home. I put it up last night. I don't have many decorations for Valentines day. Last year Cody was still pretty much confined to his chair/bed, and he wasn't able to get me anything. This year I just bought myself some cute pj pants and told him he was giving them to me. Haha. We were going to drive to Ikea for Valentines and eat somewhere fun along the way, but I decided I'd rather cook something yummy, and use my new trifle bowl I got for Christmas and make a chocolate strawberry trifle instead. I don't really know how to end this post. I hope you all spend this weekend with those you love. Awwww.


Darci said...

I wanna trade with you!! I don't think you'd like the return, I'm not crafty enough. How cute are all those things!!

Have a Happy Valentines Day :)

Megan said...

Really. Every time I see one of your crafts I am just amazed. Because I could never come up with such cuteness. You really are amazing. I hope you realize that. You have more talent in one of your pinkies than I have in my entire body. I love it! Hope you have a happy heart day.

Jennie Moore said...

Super cute stuff. You are so creative. Do you want to teach me how you do stuff.