Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Random fun pictures

So, all cats are nuts. Most are crazier than mine. But since we have moved our little bench from the living room to the bay window in the kitchen (to make room for the Christmas tree) Molly has been practically living in her little red puffy bed. See, we put the bench over the heater vent, and it creates this toasty pocket of goodness. Well, Molly only likes to sleep in the same place for a few weeks at a time, then she moves on for some inexplicable reason. She has tired of the puffy red bed, but not the warm spot, so I came into the kitchen to find her here.
Clearly comfortable.I love how her fat/fur and feet are all falling through the slats, yet she remains, convinced she is comfortable. Despite the fact she is struggling to even have all parts of her off the floor. I turned these pictures into a LOL cat for Cody. He got a kick out of them.

Now, I just had to post a picture of my favorite Christmas present from Cody. It's this cute wall shelfy organizer thing for all my craft junk. He got it at Michael's when I had a 50% off coupon. Here it is installed in my massage/craft room before I got it filled up with stuff. Nice duh face huh.
And here it is completely filled with junk. The best part, is I used to have more ribbon than I could keep track of, (about 3 shoeboxes worth) and now I see all that space on the dowels and think I need more!
And lastly, just a little photo of the new snowboard pants and helmet I got for Cody. He's not going to like that I posted a picture of him all suited up. So this year, if he hits a tree, his head will be protected. His legs, well, they're just regular pants, so he had better not! He hasn't gone yet this season, he's been waiting to get new contacts, but is planning on going Thursday. A lot of people are freaking out that he's going to snowboard this year after such a bad accident, but it was never even a question if he was going to or not, it's just part of who he is. And I like it.


lovejoys said...

Love the cat picture. I love my cat and she is getting that flabby fur at the bottom of her too. Winter is funny because she follows us around constantly waiting for us to sit down on the couch so she can snuggle up in our lap where it is warm. When she sees us getting a blanket out she practically runs across the room to come and snuggle. Only another cat lover would enjoy me talking about my cat. OK so I called Karen yesterday so I could hound her about starting a blog and she already has. I was excited because I hadn't seen the new baby yet. I didn't even know she had had it. Well she is 5 months old. Anyway you can access her blog through mine. YAY.


Jennie Moore said...

Hey Jen,

Thanks for the comment. Its great to find new friends through blogging. Its super fun! I love your new crafty shelf/organizer. its super cute in your room. (I love those colors together).