Monday, December 1, 2008

Some things...

So, I made my blog all Holiday-ey. Yay. Holidays.
Anyway, Joyce has tagged me (and just about everyone she knows-hah) a while ago, and she had some good quirks, which I will not copy even though they could also be mine.

6 Quirks about me I suppose.

1. I haven't been diagnosed or anything, but I'm pretty sure I have Non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome. Or at least, the DSPS I linked to a few posts ago. My favorite sleeping time is 4am-Noon, but if I do that for long enough, it warps into this crazy completely backwards cycle until I make it back around to normal times. It's stressful. I'm way past night owl.

2. I have never seen any of the James Bond movies. Not a one. Not the Sean Connery ones, or the ones with the Brosnan guy, or, umm, that oldest guy, or the newest guy. I don't have any strong feelings about it, I've no reason to hate JB or anything, but I just haven't seen any of the flicks. Ditto for the Godfather films.

3. I have a 3 thing rule. If there are 3 or more things wrong, I have a really hard time going places. So, if my hair is crappy, and I have a headache, an my skin is bad, I pretty much won't go anywhere. If only 2 of those things are wrong, I can suck it up and deal, but once my stressful things hit 3 & up, I'm out. Cody loves this about me. Hah. Yeah..not at all really.

4. I wish I had better handwriting. I practice my handwriting all the time, but I am never satisfied with it! I so want cool handwriting, and if there is a piece of paper in my vicinity, it will have my name written on it, along with any other words I am feeling into. I cannot have a paper & pen in front of me without writing my name at least twice , and then random words and doodles. You can never read my notes, because they are always full of drawings.

5. I am very pro-left handed. I am a complete lefty, and barely use my right hand for anything. I brush my teeth, talk on the phone, do all sports, use the mouse, write, stir, you name it. I use my left hand whenever possible. I get mad at those (cough-Cody-cough) who claim to be left handed because they write lefty, but do all other things right handed. Come on, choose a side!

6. I judge people by the music they listen to. I know it's bad, and I like LOTS and LOTS of people who like lots of music I can't abide by. But if I don't know you, and you have bad taste (in my opinion) in music, I might just be snarkey about it. We all have things we need to work on I guess.

I tag...nobody. Feel free to do this on your own blog if you feel like it. I was feeling very 'duh' on the blogging, so I wanted to. If you want to, go for it.

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lovejoys said...

I need a diagnoses for my issues. I self-diagnose myself with all sorts of stuff but really wonder what my problem is. We did rent the Godfather's just for kicks and they were pretty good. 1 and 2 were good but 3 was no good. Later.