Thursday, November 13, 2008

Weekend Wheeling - Around the Great Salt Lake...sort of.

Saturday we went with our land cruiser club on a little jaunt around the GSL. We started at the Golden Spike historical site early in the a.m. Well, most of the club did. I woke up feeling terrible (most likely from my sinus infection and lack of sleep) and we got a late start. We were an hour late. It turned out fine however, since next the club visited the Spiral Jetty, and we've been there 3 or 4 times, so I knew what we were missing. We caught up with the club on the way back from the jetty, and traveled to a bunch of the old ghost towns along the old train track grade road. They're not the kind of ghost towns you think of, with old saloons and tumble weeds blowing through the street, but more like a sign telling you there used to be a town there, and sometimes a cemetary. Then some of the club went on to the sun tunnels, and then ended up in Wendover. We took a shorter route with our friends Trent & Shellie and their kids, and explored a little on our own before heading home. It was sort of a colorless day, and pretty long for someone who had about 3 hours of sleep, but I enjoyed myself. Too bad I could hardly breathe the next day.

Our Cruiser

Our 40 & the Ashby's 80 at the Terrace cemetary

More Cruisers

Long flat road in the middle of nowhere

Us at the Terrace cemetary

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Megan said...

I do have to say that your cruiser looks the most "cruisy" and cute. I'm pretty sure it's the epitome of cruising. Looks like a fun trip!