Monday, November 3, 2008

Sticky notebooks!

The other day I made the cutest little craft for my sister in law's birthday. I found the tutorial here, and it explains it all really well, including measurements. So instead of telling you how I made it, just go there & see! Here are the pictures of my finished product.
Now isn't that more fun than a plain old sticky note pad? I just love post-it notes. I have a lot, but am always buying more. They come in such cute shapes & colors, or with cute things printed on them. For the notebooks, I just bought some good 'super sticky' plain post-its from Staples. I think they were less than $1 each, and stick in the little notebook well. They are super fun to make, and I just love the little string wrap around closure. I've made a few more since this one, so don't be surprised if it's what I give you for a birthday treat this year!!

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Jen said...

I just might need to make a trip to your house to borrow the Hello Kitty sewing machine. What an awesome little gift!