Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spooky Decor

So I am getting really excited for Halloween. It's been my favorite holiday for years. Last year I was super excited because Cody bought me bat wings to wear on my head. This year I am just going to wear them again. So I needed something to be excited about. I tried to get excited about decorating, but most of my decorations are years and years old, not to mention most of them are plastic and ummm tacky? Not that Halloween shouldn't have a smidge of tack to it, but I just was ready for a change. So rather than go out and buy all new stuff, I got online and printed up some cute letters and cut them out for a garland. Then I found more & more cute ideas that were cheap and fun. So here are some photo's of my new living room decor. Boo! (click on images to view larger)
The BOO garland I printed off from allsorts and it's ADORABLE. You can print off any letters or numbers you want. I then edited them in photoshop to give them some color, and strung it up on rick-rack. What isn't made better by adding rick-rack!?!
The twigs Cody got for me up the canyon, and then I spray painted them black. Also spray painted black: little orange pumpkin candy dish, wooden clothes pins, & little wooden coffin from Michael's. I found that black candle & spooky bird on sale at Michael's also. The picture frames were already there, I just found some high resolution clip art to print & put in them. The M was also already there, so I just stuck some black & orange paper behind it to make it pop.
The pumpkin & cats garland on my bench came from My Paper Crane! I love it, Cody thinks it's creepy. I think it's adorable. My hands were pretty tired after cutting out all the print outs, but I am happy I did. Hooray for Halloween!!


Megan said...

Seriously, how dang cute and crafty can you be? It looks great. I'm jealous. And I love the bench too, I haven't seen that yet. Yay for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

once again, jen, u have outdone yourself! you r so creative!! i love the decor :) :) the craftiest i got this year was making druw a tombstone birthday cake! oh, and thanks for sending druw the super cute b-day card and gift!! he and tay loved making their own faces on the pumpkin stickers :) :) love you and hope you are both well!! tell cody i say hi! i love this blog! i love to check in and see whats up! i hope you can show me how to do this sometime! *!*!kris!*!*