Tuesday, September 2, 2008

yet another thing i'm terrible at

So I love road trips. Unfortunately, sometimes a road trip is out of the question, and you have to fly. Now I used to like to fly. I wasn't afraid, and I actually thought it was fun. That was before I was old enough to realize airplanes are REALLY OLD! The last time we flew, it was just to Seattle to buy a car (the 87' Subaru turbo wagon) from my cousin and drive it home. I was all happy to be there until I got on the plane. Then I started noticing the plane was from the 70's at least, and most likely was going to be the death of us all. It was a late late flight, and since we were going to WA, we flew into a big rain storm. I rocked back and forth in my seat singing "Imitation of Life" by R.E.M. out loud to keep myself from freaking out.

So, here we are, and I am gearing up to fly to Wisconsin. I am already slightly freaking out. I hate the whole airport thing. It's busy and I'm paranoid about being late, so we're always too early, the food is always expensive and unhealthy, and we always get picked to be FULLY searched, with all of our carry on luggage completely dumped out and picked through.

But, on to the good. We get to go to an art show (here) and see the Birds in Art collection, where Cody's dad is getting the 2008 Master Artist award! We get to go to the fancy dinner Friday night (hence me needing a cocktail dress) after he gets his award, and then Saturday he is giving a slideshow presentation at the show opening, and then we are spending the rest of the day at some supposedly fabulous lake. I'm pretty excited. I've never been to a real art show before. I've seen Cody's dad's paintings at various places, Jackson WY, & Park City, and locally now & then he'll donate stuff, but this is the real deal and I'm interested to see how it all works.

Also, I bought cute luggage. Once Cody said we could get real luggage for the trip I was set. We're way too old to be hauling around stuff in duffel bags!


Megan said...

So how did it go? I'm so anxious to hear. And yay for new luggage!

Megan said...

And I forgot to add that it's really cool that Cody's dad is getting that recognition. His art is really incredible.