Friday, September 26, 2008


So we went for a little drive up our canyon to see the fall leaves on Sunday. We didn't really take any good photo's of the trees, but we got a few of our goofy faces!
You know, after posting this originally, I was looking at the pictures, and it made me think about how great Cody is. I know most of you that know me, realize that to have put up with me for the last 13 years, he must be amazing. But he truly is. I don't know anyone else that would do the things for me that he does. He's patient, and kind, he's loyal, and funny. He's smart, and creative. He is a hard worker, and a great athlete. These are all things anyone who took a few minutes to get to know him could figure out.
But I love him for reasons beyond all that. I love him for not being able to stand wearing pants without numerous extra pockets (cargo pants!) for all the junk he carries around 'just in case'. I love that he makes better grilled cheese sandwiches than I do. I love that when I say, 'bring me a souvenir', he most likely will bring home rocks. Most of all, I love that he loves & accepts me, for who I am, every day. He loves me in my good times, when I'm easy to love. But really, he loves me in my more likely state of bad. The 'unshowered, no makeup, still in pajamas at 4pm crying because the sink is too full of dishes' me. And for this, he deserves much better, but somehow, is happy with me. And for that, I am truly lucky.
(& grateful) /cheese


Megan said...

Yay for fall pictures. You two are so dang cute. You really do make the perfect couple. P.S. I'm lol at your license plate.

jen said...

yeah, I'll post all kinds of details about our life, but I'm weird about our license plates on the internet, so I always 'white out' them :)