Friday, June 6, 2008


Here's some pictures of a swap I did with a girl from flickr. We just made up our own swap and sent whatever we wanted to each other. She loves scrapbooking, aqua, brown & pink, and sparrows. I tried to send things that I would like, so there are papers, stamps, chipboard, tags, ribbons, super cute buttons, rub ons, fabric quarters, a super cute metal frame, and then I made a little felt skull like the one I made in my first swap. I had fun shopping for her and then even more fun making everything match. The wrapping it all up was fun too.

Amanda Swap

I'm not sure I would do something like this on a regular basis, it's kind of a lot of running around, fun, but sort of stressful too. It's also scary to just send more than a few $ worth of stuff to someone you don't know, having no guarantee they will send you anything back. But this one turned out great, and today in the mail I got the package she sent me. I'll take pictures tomorrow. I got some really fun stuff though! Any package that includes green felt stickers and hello kitty nail polish has GOT to be good right??

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