Monday, June 9, 2008


So, my last post was all about the swap I sent, and here is what I've been getting in the mail!

The biggest picture is what the girl from flickr sent me. Let's see, a hello kitty make up set, with nail polish, glitter, lip gloss, and a nail file, it's super cute, she made me a mini scrapbook, and then sent a whole slew of things to embellish it with, ribbons, buttons etc. Amy butler paper pad, some great buttons, cute little silver heart shaped clips, and ones with star cut outs, a little book of cute tags, some of that awesome die cut felt that's sticky on the back, (I've wanted some since it came out!) and some cute little puffy fabric and felt strawberries. It came all wrapped up in purple tissue paper and I had so much fun opening it.


The other 2 photo's are what I received in the mushroom bookmark swap. The top one had a cute little fabric one she sewed, and one with canceled postage stamps with mushrooms on them. She also sent 2 free bookmarks, and some cute stickers, and yummy looking hot chocolate mix. Now I have to figure out what the directions are in Spanish. : )

The middle one had super cute cut out mushrooms, one of which (the house one) I put magnets on the back of and put on my fridge instead of using as a bookmark, and 2 bookmarks she printed out from They are really cute too.

So, my faith in swaps is pretty high, I haven't been flaked on (yet!) and have only gotten one swap where I was really disappointed. Most of all, I just love getting mail, and getting things I would never have bought or made myself, but totally love.

Here are a few pictures from Cody and I at Bear Lake last weekend. My feet were numb in this picture because the lake water was freezing! Cody was looking for frogs, we could hear them, and then when he'd get close they'd stop. We never did see any.
Jen in Bear Lake

Cody at Bear Lake

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