Friday, May 2, 2008

tag you’re it

I have this ska song in my itunes by gal's panic, and it's totally called tag....tag you're it. and now it's in my head big time.

But I digress....
Megan has tagged me, sort of unwillingly, but since I have never been tagged, and I don't have too many blogging friends or people who read this in which to tag or be tagged by, I'll do it. That whole paragraph made little to no sense. Carry on.

Four places I go to over and over: Macy's for groceries, Michaels for crafty junk, the Church because I'm supposed to, and Costa Vida for huge burritos.

Four people who email me regularly: Cody, way too many stores with promotions, Freecycle, my nephew Blake on his mission in AU sends out a nice form letter every week that's fun to read.

Four places I like to eat: Uh, the previously mentioned Costa Vida, the Union Grill in Ogden, the Bluebird, Logan's Heroes

Four places I would like to be right now: In bed, I can sleep for days, on vacation anywhere, in Moab with our friends wheeling, in WA visiting my grandpa.

Four TV Shows I watch all the time: 30 Rock, Lost, Reaper, Friends reruns, they're on like 3 channels a million times a day.

Four people I tag: Nobody :) Feel lucky.

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