Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Of cabbages and kings

So, do you ever type half a blog entry and try to use some sort of shortcut to copy or paste or something and end up closing your browser and loosing all your typing? Yeah. Lame. So now I am going to try to retype what I had going before that, but I'm sure it will all sound lame the second time around. I guess it's only the second time around to me.

I can't tell you how often I get all worked up about being sure I'm going to hate something, or that terrible things are ahead, only to be pleasantly surprised, and find out that I am, in fact, a pessimist. One of those happened today. It was Cody's mom's birthday, and she wanted to go out for Thai food. Logan only has one Thai restaurant, Kamin Thai. It's a bit on the pricey side, so Cody and I had never been there. Or any Thai place for that matter. I was a bit frightened, (especially after hearing stories from my cousin Kirsten about eating boiled blood while living in Thailand) and decided that I would order Pad Thai, which, to my very small knowledge, is the most well known Thai food. Therefore it has to be good right? I looked at recipes online to see what ingredients are in it, and what do I find? Fish Sauce. Ummm no, I don't do fish sauce. I had a huge freak out the other night when I realized that the caesar salad I had been eating tasted fishy. Cody thought I was nuts until I pulled out the dressing ingredients and noticed anchovy paste on the list. He thinks I've got a really useless super power to taste fish where fish barely exists. And now I don't think I can eat caesar dressing again, especially after I looked at every brand in the grocery store and they all contain it. I don't know why after years of eating and enjoying, I suddenly tasted the anchovies and couldn't handle it, but there you have it. I was not going to try any dish that had some sort of sauce including fermented fish. So I was sure I was in for yucky food. Soooo wrong. I had the spicy basil noodles, also known as drunken noodles, with chicken, and they were divine. Cody had something similar, and Cody's dad got some yummy beef and cashew dish. The jasmine rice was also so good. I am glad that we were forced into trying Thai food, although now I'll want to eat there and they're not cheap, we'll have to go at lunch or something. Interestingly enough, the only dish I didn't like, was Cody's moms, which tasted curry-ish and had shrimp, so it wasn't something I'd ever order on my own anyway.

Onto more boring news, I have had this stupid eye puffyness saga going on for a month now. Every day I wake up, HUGELY puffy eyes. They aren't red, sore, or itchy, but are swollen to twice their normal size, and don't go down for about 4 hours after I get up (and even then never really return to normal). The very first time it happened was the morning after trying out that new mascara I posted before, and I'd assumed I was allergic. After a MONTH went by, and every day puffy eyes greeted me in the mirror, Cody made me a doctors appointment. Now, I am a huge wimp. I hate hate hate hate anything even remotely associated with Doctors, and don't even get me started on the massive phobia that is the dentist. Anyway, as bribery, (yes I am 6 years old) Cody took me to Al's where my brother Mike works, and bought me this.


Yup. A bike. An awesome huge cruiser bike. A bike that I have wanted ever since I first saw the retro revolution of the bicycle nature. I of course started out wanting a hello kitty or paul frank bike, but when I saw this Trek, I was in love. It's beautiful and yellow with pink, brown, & blue designs. It has 3-speeds, and pedal brakes of old times. I have ridden it at least once a day, and on 2 occasions 3 times a day, once after each meal. We rode to MC (my old high school) and cruised around in the parking lot. Fun times. It's good rehab therapy for Cody's leg healing too.
Anyway, so the day after the new bike, came the Dr. visit. I had forgotten how much I like my old general practitioner. He's funny, and grandfatherly, and really really nice. He listened to my story, didn't touch my eye at all, and wrote me a prescription for eye drops. He thinks that the mascara irritated my eyes so much that my eyes just can't recover on their own. Now the bad, I have to give the drops at least 2 weeks before telling if they're going to work, so I haven't seen any improvement yet. If the swelling doesn't go away in a few weeks on the drops, he wants me to come back in for a whole slew of blood tests. Turns out puffy eyes can be a symptom of kidney, thyroid, or other serious problems. Laaaaaame. So, twice a day I peel my eyes open to put the drops in (I hate putting stuff in my eye, remember Rachel on Friends? I'm almost that bad!) and pray pray pray that they work, and that nothing really bad is wrong. Until then, if you see me, no, I'm not sleepy, haven't been crying, I just have ugly freaking puffy eyes!

But no one looks at my eyes when I'm on my awesome bike anyway right?

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