Saturday, May 17, 2008

getting warmer

It's the first day that it's been over 80 degrees here. We are washing windows. Fun. Cody does the outside with a squeegee, and I'm doing the inside with windex & paper towels. I am ashamed to say that I haven't washed the windows in our home since we bought it in 2004 and I only did so then to get all of the construction debris off of them.
Cody is working on the garage, putting up a back light and getting the back door installed. Then we are going to hire somebody to do the brick, and the siding & rain gutters. Then I'm going to post a before & after picture of our house all garaged up! Hooray~!

I've still been swapping. Here is a little collage of some matchboxes I've made:
And I got this one in return:
Matchbox Swap- Received!

I got my swap from the man in Spain! It was awesome. He read in my profile that I love books, and stationary, so he sent me bookmarks! They are so cool. He even wrote little post it notes on each telling me about where it was from or what was on it. He then included a little 'hello' type kitty, because I also wrote that I love anything cute. Adorable.
Quick Newbie Swap - Recieved!

Anyway, that's about all I know. I had better get back to my Saturday cleaning. Hooray.

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