Tuesday, May 20, 2008

badgers badgers badgers

Cuteness abounds on the interwebs. I have pointed out the cuteness before, aka cuteoverload, and the weebles "kenya", but where oh where was I when the mascots for the 2010 winter Olympics were announced? They are the cuteness. I went to the web site, and made this little postcard.

I added the squirrel with the fork, because I thought he might be waiting with the fork to eat up any roadkill. I don't know. I'm nuts. Anyway, you can take a quiz, and find out which mascot you are. Hilarious. I am the sasquatch. Of course. I am rarely seen about in the day, and I am massive. Go figure. Anyway, you can go play with the little mascots here!

The other cuteness I seemed to have missed the first time around, is from the same place as my beloved Kenya cartoon. Say hello to badgers - badgers - badgers (mushroom mushroom!) I am laughing so hard at this. Again, I have cute overload to thank for the link.

Honestly, if there weren't stuff out there to keep me entertained, I might have given up on the internet and all of it's awfulness long ago.

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