Saturday, March 1, 2008

the upside

I just wanted to post a little thought about how grateful I am lately. It never ceases to amaze me how selfless people are. We go along in life feeling pretty self reliant until something happens, and all of a sudden you need help with the simplest things. It seems like just when I start to panic, somebody calls or shows up with the solution to what I was worried about. Granted, sometimes if you need something, you just have to suck it up and ask, and I've had to do that too, but it's bewildering how many times the answer just appeared in the form of a friend.

We have had no fewer than 6 different people shovel my driveway in the past month! We've gotten groceries, ice, extension cords, cat food & litter, Costa Vida, (yum!) and more delivered to us so I didn't have to leave Cody before he was able to move about. And sometimes even after I was, just because people want to help out. We have received tasty sugar cookies, delectable brownies, amazing homemade bread, yummy apple turnovers (Cody's favorite!) various chocolatey candy (MY favorite!), a gift card to DQ for Blizzards, adorable notes, cards, and Valentines from so many friends, family, & neighbors I don't even know where or how to begin thanking people.

I am grateful for the smallest things, like, the first day Cody stood at the sink and brushed his teeth instead of doing it in bed with one of those little hospital spit tray things was the happiest of my week! I almost cried with joy the day Cody was able to get up and get dressed without me and let me sleep in for 1/2 hour longer. Having him home all day unable to do much makes me crazy at times (and he's going crazy sitting in a chair all day too!) but then when I actually went out for most of a day to find a new vacuum, (ours died) I missed him and was so happy to come home and find out he had missed me too! We're lame & cheesey but if we weren't, I probably would have killed him by now. You can only watch someone play Tetris so much.

So if you are one of the above mentioned people, please know that we are so appreciative of all of your thoughts, prayers, and of course, treats! I hope from now on, if I hear that someone has had a hard time, I won't just think "oh, how sad, I should do something for them" and then psych myself out because I don't want to intrude or feel stupid, and actually ACT on my desire to help. Who knows, maybe for once I could be the answer to someones prayer.

p.s. happy leap day!

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