Thursday, February 7, 2008

why I don't snowboard

So, I guess I'll finally explain. Cody went snowboarding Tuesday January 29th. He went by himself like he does sometimes. I got a phone call at 1pm from the Beaver Mountain Ski Patrol, telling me that he'd hurt his leg, and to meet him at the hospital in 45 minutes. She told me that he said to tell me he was fine. So I called my brother Mike, and had him come get me, because Cody had the outback and I can't drive stick. We raced to the hospital and arrived before the ambulance. We went in to see him and he was way out of it. He'd broken his leg in 3 places we later found out. Good breaks too. 2 on the tibia (one just below the knee, one just above his boot) and one on the fibula in the same place above his boot. He was in surgery 2 1/2 hours, and ended up with a titanium rod down the middle of his tibia, a plate at the top, and some screws all around. His fibula is healing by hanging out next to the other bone. He has 4 incisions, and is home now, getting better slowly. This post is no fun at all. I'll rewrite it when I am not so tired of being a nurse. Thanks to all who have called, visited, or brought treats or necessities, I appreciate every little bit!!!

p.s. gross pictures of Cody's leg wounds found on my flickr --

Before- with arrows

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