Sunday, December 2, 2007


So the show that I got the name of my blog from, is out on DVD again! It came out a few years ago, and then disappeared, only to be found on ebay for lots of money. Anyway, to commemorate the new DVD release, they have started showing the show online at ABC!

Now I know most people don't watch shows online, but I'm just getting a kick out of watching the show again. I don't know if anyone who was a teenager in the 90's didn't obsess over "My So-Called Life" at one point. I watched it a bit when it was on the first time, but more so when they did reruns on MTV a year after it ended. Then I saw that they were showing it on noggin, but we don't get that on our dish.
Before Jared Leto was a guyliner wearing emo singer, he was Jordan Catalano, hunky brooding guitar playing unattainable cutie. I liked him much better when he was wearing plaid flannel instead of skinny jeans.

Anyway, the box set is SO on my amazon wish list. I usually don't enjoy DVD's as Christmas presents, but this one just might do. : )

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