Wednesday, December 12, 2007

almost ready

So I have all of my cards made, and a few are awaiting Cody's signature. Sometimes I just sign his for him. I tried to make them all, but ended up with about 45 hand made, and am sending out 15-20 store bought cards, most to single guys or those who wouldn't be impressed with hand made anyway.
I put a few on my card tree, when I was a bout 1/2 way through making them, so some of my favorites aren't shown here, but of course my plan of making them all the same totally didn't fly.

I'm sure some of them are going to get mangled, as they turned out quite puffy. Oops. My original intent was to make them nice and flat. Oh well, the best laid plans.
I hope everyone is enjoying the hustle and bustle before Christmas. I am almost done shopping. I am not doing very well this year, so if you get something from me, be aware I'm off my game. I also have a few gifts I'm trying to make, and the clock is ticking. Most of Cody's stuff is either in my hands, or is being shipped as we speak, so that's nice. Last year I knew I was getting an ihome, and this year I have absolutely no idea of anything. Either way I'm getting excited for Christmas!! Now all we need is S-N-O-W!! So start your praying!!

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