Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Target Schmarget

Ok, so I love Target. Like, L O V E. It's like when you don't have something in your area available all the time, it just makes you think it's way better than it really is. Like Chili's. We used to eat there all the time when we were out of the valley, but now that we have one here, eh, not so much. So, here is my Target sucks even though I still love you story.
So, we have always put blue Christmas lights on our house. Up until this year, we had those clear class C7 size ones, all big & retro, but they fade in the sun, and now they are light turquoise. So I decided we should invest in fancy new energy efficient LED's. I wanted the ones that are just slightly bigger than the regular ones, with a ROUND end. These in fact:

So I hunt them down, and find they are at Target. I asked Cody how many we would need to do the roofline like he wanted, and he didn't tell me in enough time to order them online, so we took a quick jaunt to Ogden and bought all 5 boxes that store had. We need 3 more though. They were on sale for $9.99/box and were regularly like 11.99 or something. We got home and were going to order another 3 boxes since they were the same price online, and be done with it. Well, we woke up the next morning, to find that not only had the sale ended, but instead of going back up to 11.99 like the regular price was, they are now a crazy $17.99/box!! I think they seriously raised the prices to cover the free shipping special they had last week. Now I am not about to pay almost double for something I would have paid regular price for had they had enough in stock in the store. It's making me crazy! And, of course this particular brand/style cannot be found anywhere else.


Just put the regular price back Target! Let's not fight! I love you! And your ridiculously overpriced cute Choxie chocolates that Cody will NOT let me buy!! xoxo : )

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