Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting ready

So, the time has come, to start getting seriously ready for Christmas. I am a firm believer in waiting till AFTER Thanksgiving to put up decorations, play Christmas music, and all that other jazz. I am not however, against buying presents early, since most of my shopping is done online, and I like to have stuff ready to go as soon as the 'season' hits.
I bought my Christmas card bases a few weeks ago, they were at Michael's on super duper clearance. They are from the Martha Stewart collection, and they are off white flat note cards, edged in red, with red lined and edged envelopes. They will make a super cute (I hope) start to my cards. I bought a stack of paper to play with, and some grosgrain ribbon, but other than that, they're going to be really simple this year.
I AM however, going to try to make a little advent calendar. I found some wedding favor boxes at Target on clearance, and I am going to decorate them with numbers, ribbon, brads, snowflakes etc, and then tack them to a square board, and then wrap a ribbon around the outside. Hopefully this will give them enough stability to be hung on the wall, and then I am going to take the odd numbers, and Cody the even, and we're going to put little notes and songs and poems and treats inside for each other to open all month. If we had kids, they'd be fun to put chocolates and stuff in, but since we're adults, if we want chocolate, we just eat some from the candy jar. Hehe.

Here are the beginnings of the project.

Little boxes.

The (as of yet unpainted) board, tacks, and ribbon.

If it turns out cute, I'll show it off, if it ends up in the land of misfit crafts, maybe not!

We had This Artichoke Chicken for dinner tonight. Yummy, if you like artichoke heart dip anyway. Which I DO!

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