Thursday, November 1, 2007


Remember in this post where I posted pictures of the cute apple green fabric and rick rack I bought to make an apron out of? Well, I totally forgot to post any finished project pictures! I took them today, and the light was weird, so I might take more another day and update this post.

I'm quite proud of this apron, since it's the FIRST time I've sewn from a pattern on my own, and I combined 2 patterns to make the one I wanted.

I had fun on Halloween. We had a load of kids come trick or treating. I handed out like 100 pixi stix, and at 45 or so airheads. Yikes. I didn't get my awesome dreamed up bat costume, but Cody bought me some crazy bat wings headband thing that had eyes that lit up and it was pretty fun too.

Halloween 2007

Crazy Eyes! Cody was a train engineer! Adorable.

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