Monday, November 26, 2007

Advent Craftyness

I have a thing for advent calendars. I used to LOVE the little cardboard box with the terrible chocolate inside, and I love the paper ones that have pictures behind each door, and I love count down chains. I always wanted to buy the Lego advent toys, and one year I even bought a box of 25 Kinder Eggs and we opened one each day until Christmas. I kind of really wanted one of these from Target the other day, but thought it'd be way fun to make my own.
So a few posts ago, I posted pictures of the beginnings of my crafty advent boxes. Here are the pictures of how it all went!

First, I laminated all of my little numbers, to keep them from getting smeared, then put little decorations on each, brads, snowflakes, ribbons, etc.
Then we made up all the boxes, and cut a little slit in the lid of each to put a ribbon through to pull them open with. Cody made a pyramid of the boxes.

Next I glued the numbers and put the decorations on, then Cody added the little ribbon pulls and used tacks to put them on our 12X12 board.

We used about 3 tacks in each. Here is what they look like open.

Then we wrapped a ribbon around the outside of the boxes, and tied a big (I'm still undecided if I like it or not) bow on the bottom. Cody had put those picture frame hanging teeth things on the back, so 2 nails in the wall later, it's done!

It's really cute and was really fun to make. The best part, is besides the little favor boxes that I found on clearance at Target, the rest was made with bits of stuff I already had! The paper was from last years card makings, and the ribbons, brads etc, were all just stuff I had lying around. The little sparkley snowflakes came as a 'happy winter' gift from my friend Dawn! Now we are going to each take 1/2, (mine are the odd numberss, or the dots, and Cody has the even numbers, or the stripes) and put little notes, quotes, memories, scriptures, treats, anything Christmas-ey, and put them inside. Yay!

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