Thursday, October 4, 2007

i shouldn’t be allowed to paint furniture

Ok, so we have these kitchen bar stools that we totally got free when my Mom got married, and they are great. Hooray for free stuff. Anyway, they are sturdy, but boring, and I've been wanting to paint them for forever. Cody finally said that I could paint them red! We already owned this Eddie Bauer "Barn Red" paint from Lowe's,
from when we did our bedroom walls, and I really liked it. It's sort of a pink-red, but nice and dark. I love it in the bedroom, so I thought it'd be a cute cheap way to update our bar stools. Wrong. In the bedroom it looks red...
(notice my cute homemade headboard!). On the bar stools it looks PINK. Dark pink, but pink, not red. Ack. I don't know how to fix it. I'm not really a fan of 'faux finishes', and I'm afraid I'll just be adding insult to injury if I try, but I don't know what else to do. Anyone have any good ideas?

I was thinking about Halloween costumes, and trying to remember what I've dressed up as over the years. I thought it'd be fun to make a list, so here goes:

4ish- Minnie Mouse, one of those plastic mask/apron combo's that were all the rage in the 80's. I tried to 'paint' on the mask, and ended up wiping the color off instead, and had to go with just my plain old face painted with a big black nose and no ears instead. Sad.

Kindergarten?- Strawberry Shortcake, my favorite! My mom found a pattern and made me an awesome puffy hat, (she also made my dad a 'chef's' hat out of the same pattern) and I had a red dress and tights with a white apron. They didn't make green & white striped tights back then.

1st & 2nd grades I can't remember.

3rd grade I was a princess. My mom made me a crown out of cardboard, covered in foil, and then hot glued real costume jewelry to it from her personal collection. She also sacrificed a slinky turquoise dress to the cause. Awesome.

4th grade I'm pretty sure I was a 'monger'. Which is what my sister called sort of a punk slacker type person. I had fluorescent hair, huge jewelry, torn tights under a mini skirt, with some sort of army surplus jacket with like, safety pins all over and patches on it. I thought I was the coolest. I had to spend all day explaining to old people what I was, when I wasn't even quite sure.

5th grade I remember a super fake cheerleader costume I made up like, that morning. I had these orange & yellow paper pom pom's from my Sunshine Generation days, and I wore a pleated skirt and some sort of shirt that I'm sure didn't look anything like a cheerleader. I think 1/2 of the girls were babies that year, just so they could wear pj's to school, and drink soda out of real baby bottles. And we all had those huge squeaky binkies too. Funny.

I'm pretty sure I thought I was too cool, (or probably just too embarrassed) to dress up in middle school, so 6th till high school is missing. Wait, I totally just remembered that once to a church Halloween party I totally dressed up as a bunch of grapes, with purple balloons safety pinned all over my purple shirt, with purple stretch pants (what else) and then I had green curly ribbon in my hair like the viney things. It was awesomely bad.

In high school all I ever did was dress in as much black as possible, preferably with black tights, and then wear lots of black eyeliner and draw bats and spiders on my face. Not so much a costume, as just Halloween-ish.

Then I got all motivated a few years after high school and had a big old Halloween party where I was a butterfly, and had Cody's dad paint butterfly wings on my face. Pretty.

I think I was some sort of toga wearing person one year, with sandals lacing up my legs and a sheet wrapped creatively around me with leaves in my hair.

I also had a whole gypsy/fortune teller/exoticpossiblyfromIndiaperson year when bindi's were all the rage.

Then came my Care Bear hoodie. (Grumpy Bear to be exact) with the cute ears on the hood and the belly of raining clouds.

This year I am hoping to be more fun, and I want to be a bat. With wings & ears and scary teeth. Not a vampire mind you, just a bat. I also dragged out Cody's 'train engineer' costume from the year I had my party and am totally going to make him wear it. Huzzah!

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