Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ding dong the bells are gonna chime!

Here are some photo's from my little brother Mike & Natalies wedding!
I am still a little shocked that he is actually married! Those of you who know Mike either think of him as still 12, or know that he was determined to be a bachelor until his 30's when he said he'd settle down AFTER he'd made his millions. Haha. It's funny now. I called him the night before to sing the "You're getting married in the morning!" song from My Fair Lady. It was funny, he's never seen the show.
Their wedding day was slightly traumatic, as it rained and even snowed all morning! They had pictures taken at the Logan Temple around 11am, and it was FREEZING! I was afraid I would never feel my fingers again! We were all worried about my Grandpa, who was here from WA, and didn't take very many photo's of our family before rushing him off to a hopefully warm car.
Then they had a lunch, and a ring ceremony after that. The clouds parted and there was enough sunshine to have the ring ceremony outside on the balcony like they'd wanted. It was really pretty. They had a super cute book-sign in, an antique typewriter with a long scroll of paper in it. They had an old bike wheel that was wrapped with greenery, and it had dangling flowers and tiny white lights, that was hung from a 10 foot tall metal thing that Mike & Cody built. Oh, I just found a picture of it!!
My favorite part of the night was getting to see all of Mikes friends that I knew and all of the old Nibley people from where I grew up. The day was also our Dad's birthday, so it was almost like a little memory to him too, since he and Mike are carbon copies. I made them a slideshow DVD that played through the reception, and there were so many great pictures of Mike & his dad, it was so fun to glance over every now and then and see his face.
Not to get too sappy, but then they left amidst rows of sparklers, that frankly I was terrified was going to set fire to the tulle on her dress, and the night was over. Cody stepped on 2 still hot sparklers, and it burned lines into the bottom of his cute dressy Borns! Sad.
Now they are off to Cancun for their honeymoon, and then it's back to real life for them too. I now have a ton of stuff to catch up on, after 2 weeks of scanning and editing pictures, I'm so ready for normal life.

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