Monday, September 3, 2007


So in our ongoing battle with mechanical and electrical crap, our air conditioner decided to DIE this weekend. Honestly, I must be the most spoiled person, because I swear as soon as our temperature climbed above 78° I thought I was going to die of heat. I don't know how people have been living with this heat all summer. Luckily we do have one fan, and the basement stays pretty cool. Of course it quit working after 5pm on a Friday, with a holiday on Monday, so that we can't get anyone here till Tuesday. It seems like ever since Cody decided to build a garage, everything else decided to crap out so that we get to pinch pennies and try to fix stuff while we build stuff. Hooray.
I keep trying to convince fall to start, I put up my festive fall wreath, got out my leafy fall plates, and even decorated Cody's dad's 60th Birthday party in a fall leaves theme. But apparently the universe hasn't gotten my message. Oh well.
I spent all of Labor Day sick in bed. It was joyous. We had all kinds of stuff planned, and all I was able to do was wander around the house in a daze, eat saltines, drink sprite, and go back to bed. Laaaaaame. Cody made good use of his day off, and got all kinds of stuff done so that's good. He's a useful guy. I just love him.

I think I'm the last person on earth to have finally read this. Now onto the next 2.

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