Thursday, August 9, 2007

it’s not easy ...

...being this green box I made.
It was my friend Dawn's birthday, and since she had just bought a house, and had a shiny new dishwasher, I saw these cute little tins with electrasol dishwashing tabs in them, (my favorite dishwasher detergent) and just had to buy her one. So I had Cody sandblast the paint off, and then decorated it. Cody picked out the green grass paper, and I got what I thought would be some cute coordinating papers & ribbon. Well, I don't know, it's ok, but I was hoping for amazing. I didn't bother to modpodge it, because I didn't looove it. So here it is, the ugly green box.
I guess, it's not quite ugly.
Anyway, I had made her card a while back, and I loved it. So I'll post it too.

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