Thursday, August 23, 2007


So our house has gone all maximum overdrive on us or something, and a bunch of our important electronics, have ceased to function. Gaaa! I don't know if it was the lightening storm yesterday, or if it's just a coincidence, but our DSL modem isn't working, well, the wireless is, but the ethernet isn't, which is totally what I use on my imac. I could use the wireless connection and use lappy, but I really dislike laptops. Anyway, our satellite dish has also decided it's done working, either that or the DVR. Either way, it's broken. They are sending a guy out Saturday between the hours of 1pm and November. Sheesh. At least they are going to "waive the service charge for sending someone out, because we've been such good customers" they had better! Cody spent like 2 hours on the phone with Qwest customer service, and it was no help. The guy, (who in all likelihood is in India) ran out of stuff to try (all of which Cody had already tried) in about 5 minutes, and then decided he would order us a new ethernet cable, before Cody told him he'd already tried 2 different cables with no change. Then he was going to send us a new modem, but I'm pretty sure we have to pay for that, and so Cody had a few more ideas and told him no thanks. Lame. We might just buy the imac a wireless card since our modem works fine on the wireless. The other electronics that were affected were oddly enough, Cody's clock radio reset itself to blinking 12:00, and the caller ID box in the bedroom is now speaking FRENCH! Seriously. Ok, so it doesn't 'speak', but it's clearly confused and it's lucky I've had it since, oh, 1997 and have an emotional attachment to it, or it would have been thrown out the window by now.
So I had better post this rambling rant, otherwise my good old dial up connection might get tired and disconnect like they so enjoy doing.
(I know, whaa whaa, people in places are starving. Don't worry, I know how completely non-essential all of this stuff is. Don't get me wrong. I love technology, but no ones going to die from slow internet! :) )

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