Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sewing, Lighting, & Swapping

So I was going to take pictures of things I've been sewing with my *fabulous* new sewing machine, and then I realized I'm always disappointed in the way my pictures turn out! Well duh! I am always taking them at night = terrible lighting, flashes, washed out and faded or crazy dark. I need one of those nifty light boxes you can make. Like this one!
Anyway, I've been sewing up a storm, (well, maybe not a storm, perhaps a sprinkle of rain and some dark clouds) and have decided while I'm still a terrible sewer, my sewing machine rocks and makes me happy to use it even if what I sew ends up looking like crap! That being said, I still need to learn to take photo's in the DAY. I just get all creative feeling at night. I'm sure everyone knows by now, but I'm a TOTAL night owl. I took this picture of a card I made for my Mom's anniversary during the day last week, and was amazed at the difference. Usually I have to photoshop pictures of my cards for EVER and then they still don't look very great.
So, I have been tinkering with the idea of having a swap. I stumbled upon this site, and LOVED the idea of a "Favorite Things" swap! I did a swap once a few years ago, and I shared my favorite colors, and things I liked, and ended up getting a really cute gift from someone I've never met, many states away! It was like a really fun birthday present without the getting old part! I'm wondering if I could get my friends in other states to get their friends involved, to the point that I could match up people who don't know each other and live at least in different states for the swap.
Anyway, I was looking at pictures of what people sent, and so so many cute things! Note cards, flip flops, all kinds of chocolates and treats, craft supplies, jewelry, lip gloss, aprons, candles, all the stuff all of us girlies love.
Anyway, if you are reading this and want to participate, email me!! I'll probably send out a mass emailing if I get ambitious and decide to do it.

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