Monday, July 9, 2007

Sew Pretty

Well, I've been raving on for weeks now, here are some photo's of my sewing machine, and the junk I've made with it!

Item 1: Cute summer stripe table runner. It's on my counter, but it's for my table. Bought the material at the 'leftovers' bin at the fabric store, and it was already cut to the perfect size! Turned out WAY better than I'd expected!

Item 2: Cat mat. Cody is always going crazy that the cat sits on our computer chair and gets hair everywhere! I got this little square of material for 99¢ and put some quilt batting inside, and viola! Cat mat.

Item 3: Cell phone bag. Now this is just plain ridiculous. I wanted to see how sewing felt...felt, and I made a funny (ugly) flower, and then tried this. It's just terrible. The button isn't centered, the straps are sewn on ugly, the star is BEYOND ugly, but it's just to silly & fun not to post!

Item 4: A thank you card to Cody sewing machine! Ha! I used all the stitches. Sewing paper is hard. I don't know why, but I can't sew straight on it to save my life!

So, (instert pun here) there you have it! I am a huge nerd, who bought a HELLO KITTY sewing machine, who posts pictures of said sewing machine on her blog. I would hate me. HAHA!
Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

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ShandaPanda said...

I have always wanted to sew on paper like that! Am I a nerd too for wanting that Hello Kitty sewing machine?? Yes, but that's okay with me.