Thursday, July 26, 2007

ring of fire

So let's see, first off, Cody came home from his climbing trip to the Tetons ok, although he does have 2 huge blisters on his heels, and a little limp from his knee hurting a bit. They drove all the way home Monday night, and got here around 3:45am. I was really ready for him to be home, as I was getting nervous watching the mountains right behind our home burn all day. Lightening started a fire around 5pm, and here's what it looked like right after the sun went down.
Fire July 2007
It was crappy. My mom was here when it started, although it took us 2 whole hours to notice, and when we went outside at 7, it had spread a lot. It wasn't ever near enough to my neighborhood to be worried, but it wasn't fun either. There were helicopters and planes and every type of emergency vehicle, it was like a war zone for a while. It was still going in the morning, but after a few days of rain I think it's finally all done.
I did get my apron sewed that I wanted to do while Cody was gone, and it turned out way cute, although a little big. I've never sewn from a pattern before, and just guessed at how to take parts from a few different styles and put them together. I think it ended up ok, it's cute, and since it's just for me, not to give away or anything, it'll do. I'll have to take pictures soon so I can post.
I did have a great time reading the last Harry Potter. I really liked it. No spoilers here. I'm sad it's done, but was happy with the way the series turned out. Cody just started reading it tonight. I'll be glad when he's done and I have someone to talk about it with!

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