Tuesday, July 17, 2007

rainbow of fruity fun

We went and saw the new Harry Potter movie today (Order of the Phoenix) and it was grand. Those kids are so cute. Even the Weasley twins aren't frightening to look upon anymore. It was one of my favorite movies of the series. I highly recommend.
Some of you may know, that Cody is planning on climbing the Tetons in WY this weekend. While some people may say 'gee, that sounds fun' others might be more like me and be like 'what the heck, why would anyone do such a thing?' I can tell you, I don't know. But, since I will be left alone to my own devices, (like I usually am anyway) I gathered a few supplies to keep my busy. (It also helps that the next Harry Potter book comes direct to my door via Amazon.com the day it comes out!)

Item 1. Rainbow of ric-rac.
Hooray! I have quite a thing for this retro ribbon. I would cover everything I own in it, if I could. This is more crafty ric-rac, not good sewing grade. I bought it for super cheap in a 'assorted colors' pack. I was terrified it was going to be like, 3 shades of puce, and the rest yellow. But it really was assorted! Hooray!...again!

Item 2. Tiny paper flowers.
Tiny. Colorful. Little. Did I mention small? They are going to adorn every card I make from now on I'm sure of it.

Item 3. Cute brown fabric.
I don't know what will become of these, I just really like the pink flowers on brown. Maybe a cute little bag for putting stuff in.

Item 4. Apron patterns.
Now, I have yet to use my sewing skills (ha!) to make anything real. I am gong to attempt to make a cute girly little 1/2 apron. You know, one that covers the bottom half, not actually the half that anything ever spills on. I am going to try to take a few elements from two of the aprons to make one that is just what I want. We'll see.

Item 5. Green apple & funky dot fabric, and apple-green ric-rac.
Now I am way excited about these. I just love the blue & green material. I think it will make a most excellent apron. I like the modern dots fabric for the trim and/or pockets. It's a good contrast of new & old. And of course, I am super excited to put that green trim all over everything. I have a feeling ric-rac is hard to sew on right, because you have to sew all perfectly straight down the middle of the ridges. Wish me luck!

So, there you have it. I have pre-washed & ironed all the fabrics, and am going to wait until Cody leaves (probably Friday) and start cutting the pattern out. I am giving myself all this random crap to do, so that I don't sit around and think of scary things that might be happening to my husband. AAAGH! I'm actually really nervous. It doesn't help that I know his boots are totally not broken in, and that it's probably going to be thunderstormy in the Tetons. If I call any of you at completely random times 'just to talk', you'll know that the cat has finally gotten sick of listening to me, and has hidden under the couch, and I need someone who will answer back.

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