Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th

Uh-oh. What could this be? Perhaps a picture of me, with my new sewing machine? Eeek!
More info to follow. ;)

We had a fun night, we had Codys climbing friend Erik, and his parents over for dinner. We made yummy bratwursts, and had them with carmelized onions and green peppers, with hot mustard on pita bread. Erik pointed out it wasn't a very 'American' way to eat them. Oh well.

We lit some fireworks, mostly those 'flower' thingies, although we did have some 'bee's' that are awesome, and the boys for some reason think that bottle rockets are fun. Cody's dad had some CRAZY loud firecrackers, that you can't even buy in WY anymore. Some of our neighbors had some wicked huge ones that lit up the sky. I only let Cody do our illegal ones from WA on New Years when there's snow outside, instead of dead weeds.

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