Monday, June 18, 2007


I love these boxes. I went to K-Mart, (I can't remember what for) and I saw these way cute way cheap (on clearance!!) storage boxes in cute green, blue & brown stripes & flowers. I had to have them. I bought 2, one big & one small, and then liked them so much, I bought 2 more next time I went. I organized all my crafty crap in them, and decided to buy YET MORE, and bought another 3. I have to stop! I wish I could just organize everything in them!

Also, I made myself a little ribbon box. It's just a shoe box, that I painted the bottom brown, and the top green, then decorated. It has a wooden dowel in the middle that holds the spools in place, and then I made holes in the front and pulled the ribbon through. It's way cute. I mod podged the top, and I love it. It seemed plenty big when I made it, but all of a sudden I have more ribbon than places in the box, but I took so long to make it cute & match my other boxes, I don't want to make a bigger one.

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ShandaPanda said...

Those storage boxes are ADORABLE!