Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well hooray. It's springtime. I am loving the rain. We had a fun Easter weekend. The day after Easter was Cody's 30th Birthday, so we celebrated it all weekend long. On Saturday our friends Trent & Shellie and their little girl Emily came to Logan to go to the American West Heratige Center with us to Baby Animal Day! It's basically just the historical farm, but they have all the new animals out and you can pet them, and there's pony rides and random activities. I only touched one animal, and I think it was a goat. It had really soft ears. My favorite were the baby pigmy goats, they were 2 days old. And they had these TINY turtles. The craziest was the sheep shearing, which I have a photo of below. The sheep was GINORMOUS and sooooo puffy. The guy was all shearing him with rusty old scissors. Yikes. We rode some cart thing that was being pulled by mules, and basically just wandered around all day. We saw a kid almost get trampled by a 'Pony Express' rider, and saw about 5,000 pregnant women. Seriously, I think most women there were sporting some type of baby belly. Yikes.
Then on Easter, after church Mike & Natalie came over and I cooked my very first Easter dinner! I got out my fancy china for the first time since I've had it, and I got a cute stripey new tablecloth, and made cute napkin rings out of ribbon. I got to use all my fancy serving things that I got for our wedding and hardly ever get a chance to use. We had this huge ham, and cheesey potatoes, asparagus, salad, rolls, strawberries & chocolate birthday cake. We went for a drive up our canyon and then went to Cody's parents house. We have been working on his dad's painting website. If you want to check it out: Jim Morgan Art. It totally got hacked the other day and had some sort of crappy spyware installed. We were totally surprised, but it should be all safe now.
Anyway, here is my little collage of the weekend. Enjoy.

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