Friday, March 2, 2007

in like a lion?

Happy March! Enjoy the snow. I have a massive cold that I am sooo sick of. I had something to post about, but my head is all fuzzy with medicine right now, so I'll finish laters.

Sooooo... the cutest little girl scout came around selling cookies a few weeks ago. Today her mom called to tell me they were in and to see if I'd be home today so they could deliver them. I was actually pretty impressed when the actual girl scout was the one selling them. Almost everyone I know buys cookies from an adult at their work. This little girl did everything by herself (except for the phone call) and showed up at my doorstep cheerfully calling "cookies!" Adorable.
So now here I sit, with 2 boxes of thin mints, and 2 boxes of somoas, (which is SO weird that I even like them, as I'm not much of a coconut person, and not at all a carmel person) and so much of a stuffy nose I can barely taste them. Oh well, I guess that just means they will actually last out the day.
Cody went snowboarding all day yesterday in the new snow. He has only been like 4 times this year due to his busy work/school schedule, and the lack of fluffy new snow. So he jumped at the chance to go up after the latest slew of storms. He's still getting used to his new board and bindings though, so I'm not sure if he had as much fun as he should have. Mike was there too, but they never saw each other. Speaking of Mike he's in TX today meeting his girlfriend Natalies family. And hopefully visiting my sister Kerry and her family that live there. I'm kinda jealous, as I haven't seen them in ages and they are all getting way old. Which makes me feel way old.
My internet is being so slooooow today. Actually, I think it might just be my imac, because the laptop on the same connection seems to be fine. Hrmm. Wow, I am resorting to talking about my internet speed. I'm incredibly boring.
Here's the card I made for Cody for valentines day:

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