Thursday, February 22, 2007

it was only a matter of time

...before I actually made a scrapbook. I had this idea to make a little scrapbook for my oldest nephew Blake, for when he got his mission call. So I went to the store and bought this cute little brown chipboard book that said 'journey' on it, and then all of the missionary specific paper that I liked, and sat down and crafted it up. I used all browns-tans-black-white and a little blue for color so hopefully it wasn't too cutesy. My thought was that he could email home digi photo's and we could print them out and put them in it, and then my sister Tammy could show people how he's doing, and when he gets home it's a little memento for him. I took pictures of the whole book, here's a few of the pages & the covers. And then pictures of the day he got his call to Australia with Cody & Mike.

I also made my Mom a cute felt cupcake for her birthday. It was even scented like yumminess.

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