Tuesday, January 30, 2007

you're older than you've ever been...and now you're older still

I am officially old. Hooray. I had a grand weekend, thanks to some good friends, and awesome family. Mostly Cody though. He is a good celebrater. Is that a word? I don't know, or care. So on my Birthday we went to dinner with our friends the Ashby's in Odgen at the Union Grill, which is the restaurant in the old train station. It's on my favorite street, Historic 25th, or as I call it, Everwood main street. We had the biggest piece of chocolate mousse cake ever. It was evil & good at the same time. Cody got me some way cute brushed stainless steel canisters for my dry goods, and a RAD knife magnet for all my new sharp knives. It's grand. I'll post pics one day.
The next morning, we woke up early and Mike B, and his girlfriend Natalie came over and we all piled in the 80 and went out to the Golden Spike visitors center where we met up with some friends for a day of wheeling in the desert. We went out to the Spiral Jetty, and then ended up in Idaho at City of Rocks, where we had lunch and took pictures. We headed home and Mike let Cody drive while I rode shotgun and he canoodled in the back seat with Natalie. Kids. ;)
On Sunday we were all 'trail hungover' and missed church, but we hung out and Mike & Natalie brought me over a way cute pink birthday cake they'd made! It's that yummy rainbow chip cake! They also brought me some felt, and other craft sundries, and a delish reed diffuser set from Pier 1! I got so many cute cards from my crafty friends, and some super good smelling hyacinths that are making my kitchen smell like spring. It was a good year. I am, however, pretending that I'm still 28. I even got a "Happy 28th Birthday" card from my friend Shellie. Hehe.
So...onto what I did with my felt. I made this as a thank you for MikeB. I made a penguin too, but the photo's didn't turn out cute.
And some cards I made this weekend with new papers I bought myself with Birthday $$
and yes, those are pom poms!

So I guess this has practically turned into a craft blog. Oh well.

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